Our commitment to the Family

Program Utilitardes

We train the wives of our collaborators with the purpose of encouraging them to become entrepreneurs; thus, opening their own businesses.

Workshops to teach Values

We promote the establishing of values in children and teenagers through the projection of stories in public schools, hospitals, and shelters in several cities throughout the country.

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Our commitment to Entrepreneurship

Program “Mejorando Mi Bodega” (“Improving my Store”)

We boost the capacities and skills of the owners of “bodegas” located in the zones of influence where we conduct our business. We have already trained over 3,500 owners of bodegas.

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Our commitment to Education

Forum of journalists and of Social Responsibility

We organize a forum where outstanding journalists and students of communications of the senior years in their studies update their knowledge and strengthen their environmental awareness.

San Miguel Corporate University

We foster knowledge in our over 5,000 collaborators with the objective of improving their soft, as well as their technical skills.

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Our commitment to the Environment and the community

Network of Volunteers

With the help of our volunteers at ISM, our neighbors living in the areas of influence in which we conduct our business, as well as the pertinent municipalities, we foster environmental initiatives, such as the cleaning of beaches and plazas, the planting of trees, and others.

Campaigns and contests of Recycling

We organize long term initiatives that promote the collection of plastic in schools where we create habits and an environmental culture.

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