• Campaign against freezing temperatures

    We donate blankets collected by our collaborators through campaigns to help the communities whose people live in the highlands of the departments of Arequipa and Cusco.

  • Reduction of Plastic

    We foster the investigation focused on the reduction of the use of plastic in our bottles and the use of recycled resin so as to contribute with the care of the environment.

  • Optimization of the use of waters

    We have reduced the consumption of water by 10% in the last 2 years. Facing 2020, we are working on being able to accomplish a reduction of 15% in the production of our beverages.

  • Treatment of residual waters

    We reutilize our waters in agricultural tasks, thanks to the systems for the  treatment of waters that our production plants have in place.

  • 5S in the Community

    We have implemented our experience in the technology known as 5S in the neighboring schools; thus, creating positive habits that will resonate in their school life, and later will help them in keeping their workspaces organized and neat.

  • Municipalities and Regional Governments

    We work hand in hand with the local authorities in promoting education and the care for the environment.